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In partnership with AXA

Each booking is insured by AXA

Bird Office and AXA offer a multi-risk insurance solution. The policy is automatically valid for all bookings made via, and within the limit of the conditions stipulated in the contract.

What does Bird Office insurance cover?

The policy covers all users for all personal injury, material and immaterial damages that may occur during a service booked via Bird Office. For example insurance will cover:

Equipment damaged

video projector, screen, computer, coffee machine, printer, table, chair ...

Personal injury

In the event that a video projector falls on one of the participants, the costs resulting from this incident will be covered.

A fire

Damage caused by fire or water is covered within the limits of the contractual conditions.

What should I do to be covered?

You don't have to do anything! The insurance automatically covers all Bird Office reservations.

What is not covered?

  • Claims relating to lack of performance, insufficiency of performance or performance in relation to the technical specifications defined on the market;
  • The resulting financial consequences:
    • of embezzlement, fraud, fraudulent creation of personal files
    • of the prohibited transmission of confidential information referred to by Law No. 78-17 of 6th of January 1978 as amended "Informatiques et Libertés"
    • executed by the insurer, its legal representatives, its officers or with their complicity;
  • Consequence relating to receiving poor service
  • The consequences of any action or decision taken by the insurer relating to the solutions proposed to the client in the exercise of his/her duties (the latter having to remain free of his/her choice)
  • Financial advisory and auditing, wealth management, investment or investment, and general financial engineering; the latter being defined by the management of the assets of a customer, individual or company, and for the latter, including its directors and affecting the structure of its capital, the reconciliation of that with another company, whether by merger, spin-off, acquisition, transmission of any kind, or the financing of equity; and more generally the activities covered by a specific insurance contract under a legal obligation, the exercise of any regulated profession
  • The consequences resulting from the delivery of the product
  • Intangible damages which are the consequence of personal injury or material damage

Amount of guarantees and deductibles

Nature of warranty Limits of warranty Deductibles by claim
All consequential physical, material and immaterial injuries (other than those referred to in the "Other guarantees" paragraph below) 7.500.000 € per year of insurance
  • Personal injury
  • Consecutive material and immaterial damage combined

7.500.000 € per year of insurance
7.500.000 € per insurance year

380 €
Other warranties:
Inexcusable fault (personal injury) (article 2.1 of the general conditions) 2.000.000 € per year of insurance and 1.000.000 € per claim 380€
Accidental damage to the environment (all damages combined)(Article 3.1 of the General Conditions) 750.000 € per insurance year 10 %
Mini : 500 €
Maxi : 4.000 €
Non-consequential non-material damage (Article 3.2 of the General Conditions) 150.000 € per insurance year 3.000 €
Property Damage
(subject to extension)
150.000 € per claim 10 %
Mini : 500 €
Maxi : 1.500 €
Reconstitution of documents / media (entrusted (according to the special conditions) 30.000 € per claim 1.200 €
Defence (Article 5 of the General Conditions) Included in warranty Dependent on the deductible of the guarantee
Remedies (Art. 5 of the General Conditions) 20.000 € per dispute Intervention threshold : 380 €

What is excess?

It is the amount that remains the responsibility of the insured in the event of an incident.
For any material or immaterial damage, the Bird Office insurance provides a deductible of 380€
Imagine you damage computer equipment, that requires repair costs of 1000 €. AXA would then pay 620 € of the compensation costs and the remainder, ie 380 € (the total excess amount), would have to paid by you.
The excess does not apply for all bodily damage (see table of guarantees and deductibles)

What to do in the case of incident?

The client company (the company involved) and the partner company (victim company) must complete a report and send it to within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

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