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Rent a meeting place on Bird Office

Bird Office is the first service allowing to rent de meeting, training or conference rooms per hour or per day.
Choose the most accurate place for your professional event, according its localization, capacity and equipments, then book it directy online. We want to simplify the access on renting meeting, seminary, conference places but also individual offices (work spaces) or showrooms.

Find also our atypical rooms for your seminars and creativity sessions.

We provide the most transparent rates at the best market conditions.

Is this place made for you?

Find very easily the unconventional meeting room for a day delegate rate or a hotel for a seminar in London. With Bird Office, book your meeting space online in a few clicks

Whatever your corporate event might be: a seminar outside the city, a professional training , a business meeting , a congress, a team-building.....we have the best room that will fulfill all your expectations!

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Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Paris

A large range of meeting rooms and conference rooms are available for rent in the whole of Paris area. Many businesses and SMEs are based in the Paris region and you can book online a meeting room in one of these companies.
Throughout the year, Paris welcomes trade shows, seminars and conferences and offers a complete range of venues that will surely meet your needs.
In just a few minutes, with Bird Office you can rent the meeting room, training room or office that suits your business event in Paris and île-de-France.

Rent a place in Paris

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Lyon

Book a meeting rooms or training room in Lyon and enjoy the exceptional vibrancy of the city, which every year hosts dozens of seminars, conferences and congresses in its numerous business centers. New French and foreign companies have set up their offices in Lyon to take advantage of its wide range of rooms. Businesses, trainers and mobile workers can book online a room suitable for their business event (meeting, training and conference) in one of the city's business districts: la Part-Dieu, Confluence or even the Cité Internationale.
Find with Bird Office, the most pleasant atypical rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and seminar rooms available for rent in Lyon.

Rent a place in Lyon

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Lille

Lille offers a wide range of meeting rooms and training rooms for rent. Its privileged geographical location and its economic appeal make Lille the ideal city for organizing a meeting or a conference. A very large number of business travellers commute every day via the city's two railway stations: Lille-Flandres and Lille-Europe.
Offering both the TGV and Eurostar, Lille is an extremely well-served city and is a place of choice for businessmen looking to rent a meeting room for a short period.

Rent a place in Lille

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Brussels

Book a meeting room in Brussels, the Belgian capital, to meet up with your employees, your clients or your foreign partners. Many international institutions have set up their headquarters in Brussels. Therefore, the city offers a wide range of conference, seminar, and training rooms.
Brussels, often considered as the 'European capital', is the ideal place to rent a meeting room, to organize a business seminar or a study day.

Rent a place in Brussels

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in London

Discover our wide range of meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms and seminar rooms in London. Companies, business centers and hotels offer their meeting rooms for rent in all London's districts for your business trips and atypical rooms for your business seminars.
Find a meeting room for your business event in the heart of London, in business districts like the City or Canary Wharf or close to London King's Cross railway station or near London Heathrow Airport.

Rent a place in London

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Geneva

Geneva offers an exceptional quality of life, and consequently, the city is home to a vast network of companies that have meeting rooms available for hire. Numerous professional spaces (meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, and workstations) are available for business travellers during the different summits, congresses and seminars that are hosted in the city throughout the year.
With the reconstruction of its transport network and the large number of multinational companies operating in the city, Geneva is perfect for meetings with your co-workers.

Rent a place in Geneva

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Bordeaux

Find in Bordeaux a diversified offer of conference, meeting and training rooms available for rent. Throughout the year, the city attracts hundreds of professionals from wine-growing industry who meet in atypical rooms for congresses, seminars and study days.
Bordeaux, often referred to as 'the sleeping beauty', will be an ideal place for work or to organize a meeting thanks to the city's economic and technological dynamism and its many offices.

Rent a place in Bordeaux

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Nantes

A corporate meeting? A residential seminar? A conference in Nantes? Enjoy the "most pleasant city to live in" for the organisation of your corporate event and find the ideal place with our varied offer of venues and unconventional spaces.

Rent a place in Nantes

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Marseille

Numerous meeting rooms, training rooms, atypical rooms and other professional spaces are available for hire in Marseille. Indeed, numerous companies have decided to set up their offices in Marseille to take advantage of its privileged location. The city will be opening new conference rooms and seminar rooms to stage corporate events.
Marseille' Mediterranean climate helps to promote business tourism: Marseille is the ideal city to hold a meeting and to accommodate your employees at a conference on the seafront!

Rent a place in Marseille

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Toulouse

We offer a wide range of atypical locations for your corporate event in Toulouse. Looking for a room for a meeting, a conference or a seminar in Toulouse? Find the perfect place to gather your teams and book your space in a few clicks on Bird Office.

Rent a place in Toulouse

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Strasbourg

Find the ideal venue for your next business event in Strasbourg. Find a varied offer of quirky places and conventional to organise a conference, a meeting, professional training. Situated in a tourist and an economic place, Strasbourg offers you an exceptional setting for your professional event.

Rent a place in Strasbourg

Book a convention room , meeting, conference in Rennes

Discover our wide selection of meeting, training, conference and seminar rooms in Rennes. This is the perfect place to organize your corporate event in an ideal location. A team meeting in Rennes Downtown? Professional training in Oberthur? A company seminar in Saint-Helier ? For 1 hour, half a day or for the day, easily find the place that will easily adapt to your professional event.

Rent a place in Rennes

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