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Tout a été vraiment parfait. Ponctualité, accueil, équipements informatiques, avec un coin café très fonctionnel et alimenté, échanges très sympas avec l'équipe GXXX. L'endroit parfaitement situé sur l'île Saint-Louis au coeur de Paris est très chaleureux, idéal pour une réunion du typpe team building, séminaire, co-working, formation. Nous reviendrons. Merci.

Jean-Baptiste M.

Je suis très satisfaite; je referai appel à vos services en toute confiance.

Corinne L.

Expérience agréable au calme... je prévois de le refaire aussi régulièrement que possible et je vous recommanderais volontiers.

Christel E.

Bureau très agréable et tranquille. Accueil sympathique.

Dominique V.

Nous avons passé 2 jours complets dans ces 2 salles et l'expérience a été réussie. Le staff et son niveau de service était de très très bonne qualité avec quelqu'un sur place en permanence, ce qui est un réel plus. La salle est très bien décorée avec son ambiance industrielle ce qui compense largement le fait de ne pas avoir beaucoup de lumière du jour.La cuisine faite maison est vraiment exceptionnelle et également un réel plus.

Virginie B.

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Conduct meetings at Mechelen to trigger business expansion and just surprise yourself with major deals to sign and opportunities to close. Give a different flavor to meetings by conducting them at a unique venue away from the office. External meetings can give you an occasional chance to meet different business heads, also seeking for experience, who might just become your next leads. Lying in the major urban and industrial axis, book a private office in Mechelen to conduct your next business meeting through Bird Office website.

With the help of Bird Office, you can easily organize meetings by renting comfortable workspaces having a capacity and rate that suit your needs. Are you planning to conduct your seminar at this city? Rent a trendy hotel at Mercure Mechelen Ve, or business as usual at NH Mechelen. Meeting rooms in Bird Office website are not only limited to classy hotels and restaurants but also expand further to spacious, flexible and fully-equipped theatre rooms to accommodate even up to a hundred attendees.

Commute at a reasonable rate via the reliable and well-maintained transportation – the historical Belgian rail pass. Don’t be late for co-working sessions by catching up an easily accessible bus or taxi that also provides comfort, fair and square, for tourists intending to make several journeys. Anyone booking a meeting room on-the-go and take a day flight can simply reach Brussels Airport at 13.7 kilometers near the heart of the city.  Hotels exceed expectations of many visitors by providing full relaxation through their private offices, complete amenities and trustworthy staff. Martin’s Patershof proves this by being ranked number one among the top 16 hotels in the city.

Mechelen is a city within the province of Antwerp, having highly urbanized lifestyle, respectable in its historical artistic productions. There are plenty of places of interest in Mechelen that can be visited by tourists and businessmen alike while away from their office centers. St. Rumbold’s Cathedral is UNESCO’s World Heritage site - a tower dominating over and above the city’s vicinity. The Brusselpoort is known as the last remaining of the city's twelve gates built around 13th century. The Clock Museum, known as the Watchmakers' Museum, is a place tantalizing to the eyes of history channel fanatics. The ultramodern Technopolis, center for hands-on Science and Technology, is every science enthusiast’s dream worth making come true. These are only some of the many mesmerizing facades many excited onlookers can enjoy while at a meeting in Mechelen.


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