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They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Espace convivial et spacieux, avec lumière du jour. Déco sympa des espaces communs (salle de pause, toilettes). Accueil chaleureux avec affichage dès l'entrée de l'immeuble pour trouver la salle.

Laura S.

Bureau lumineux et accueil personnalisé et très agréable

A. S.

Patron très aimable, serviable, disponible. La salle était parfaitement aménagée. Nous avions tous les outils à notre disposition. En outre, la salle est bien aménagée et l'espace extérieur est agréable.

Lamia B.

Un excellente accueil, toutes les personnes du bureau sont serviables et souriantes, rien à redire !

Laure S.

Très bon accueil. Si tous les prestataires pouvaient offrir ce niveau de service ce serait top !

Stéphanie D.

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Your Unique venue rental

Rent a quirky venue

Rent a quirky room with Bird Office with all the equipment you require for your meeting, convention or training session. Choose the things you need, the area, the capacity and of course the city!
The layout of your space could be a U shaped, a classroom, or even a theatre style set-up. You can choose what works best for you and your business event.

Conventional offices do not always provide the best environment for your meetings, convention or conferences. With Bird Office it is possible to make your meeting or interview even more enjoyable through our large selection of quirky and unconventional rooms.

The space in which you work can provide you with the inspiration that allows your best and most creative ideas to flow. Away from your monotonous daily working environment, our office space will bring the best out of you and your team.

Moving away from the more old-fashioned office space is very much the in-thing. Increasingly companies are looking to provide their employees, clients and suppliers with new and innovative working areas.

The spaces in which people work can affect and influence the way in which they go about their daily tasks. Things such as a bright room full of natural light can subconsciously affect the performance of employees or even the efficacy of a meeting. The layout of a room is also important. Rooms can be made to feel much bigger than they are actually are through the reorganisation of furniture.

So organise a memorable meeting in an elevated hut in London! Maybe you could rent an art gallery for your next conference? Attendees will have only admiration for you and your original ideas.

Meeting rooms like the aforementioned, as well as a number of other exciting venues are available on Bird Office. With the best prices guaranteed, why not visit the website and chat with one of our experts today? They will be able to help you in finding the perfect venue for your meeting, convention or conference.