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They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Il s'agissait d'une première dans une salle évidemment moins fonctionnelle qu'une salle classique, le projet était de surprendre et cela a été unanimement apprécié.L' accueil fut très chaleureux et notre événement s'est très bien déroulé dans cet environnement singulier.De plus cela a redonné l'envie à beaucoup de monde de retourner au théâtre!

Nordine B.

Tout était très bien. Merci Bird Office !

Annick G.

Tout est parfait ! Un accueil chaleureux dans un lieu atypique et fort agréable. Le matériel a disposition fonctionne parfaitement bien et les nuisances sonores inexistantes. Je recommande vivement La VXXX !

Francis E.

Nous avons vraiment tout apprécié accueil très chaleureux locaux fonctionnels mais confortable et atypique et nourriture excellent et originale

Laurence C.

100%satisfaite. Un personnel digne d'un grand professionnalisme dans l'accueil, la logistique et la disponibilité envers nos besoins !

Sabine B.

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Your Auditorium and Amphitheater rental

Book an auditorium or rent an amphitheater

For professionals and event organizers looking for meeting space, Bird Office provides practical, accessible and affordable solution to book an auditorium  or rent an amphitheater rental in the most coveted neighborhoods European cities.

Find in record time the large conference room that meets all your requirements in terms of cost, capacity, location, and equipment. To ensure the smooth running of a training day, a conference, a professional meeting ... book an auditorium or renting an amphitheater particularly suitable, especially if the company is a certain prestige and wants the same time improve its image.

To capture public attention and to convey important messages, the choice of location is critical. Take into account the many criteria that an auditorium or amphitheater, the perfect place, one that is both user-friendly, conducive to trade and concentration.

A few dozen to well over a hundred people in the audience and speakers who will address throughout the corportate event, the comfort will be decisive. However, we also need all the material at hand and height during the hire. On the one hand, the deployed hardware, configuration, and the same design of an auditorium offer unparalleled acoustics conducive to success: comfortable seating, air conditioning, access for people with reduced mobility, lighting, equipment provided, as the system light and sound, video conferencing or video projector, flipchart or white board, a good internet connection, etc.

On the other, the amphitheater must have all the convenience features: ergonomic tables or shelves, sufficiently spaced seating, good lighting, etc. The presentation and appearance of the place are among the most critical factors. More room is functional, comfortable and equipped with the latest technology, the better. If the organizer is required to offer a warm welcome, the service provider will be distinguished by quality service, a control room, translation cabins if international conference or debates between various nationalities.

To this could be added on-site amenities: parking, disabled access, water fountain, candy distributor, catering, gourmet breaks, with a bonus den in an intimate setting. All characteristics being equal, exterior will make the difference. Indeed, an amphitheater or auditorium located close to public transport is more convenient. Depending on the importance of the professional event, the proximity of a hotel, restaurants, etc. will be a great addition.

Trust Bird Office to rent an auditorium or an amphitheater, as simply as possible.