Company evening 

They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Très bon service et très bonne réactivité. Je renouvèlerai avec plaisir.

Xavier C.

Très bon accueil, bureau confortable, agréable, propre

Christine P.

Excellent lieu pour ma conférence !Accueil pro et disponible, matériel à disposition... Je recommande

Franck M.

Très contente de Bird Office tant sur le plan logistique que sur le choix des prestataires

Karine C.

Un excellente accueil, toutes les personnes du bureau sont serviables et souriantes, rien à redire !

Laure S.

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Your Business Party rental

The corporate party, an unifying Business celebration 

Organising a corporate event is certainly one of the best ways to break the professional routine. Business seminar, team building..., there is no shortage of professional events. But a company evening can be an interesting option. Indeed, its objective is to highlight the structure and its values. It also brings together all the company's teams and gives them a pleasant experience. What better way to effectively fight stress! In fact, the atmosphere in such an evening is relaxed and friendly.

And it doesn't stop there! Much more than a simple celebration, this company event is also an opportunity to bring employees together. This is true regardless of the sector in which they work. It is therefore the ideal time to get to know the other teams in the structure and meet new people. There is no better way to allow them to expand their professional network. There is also nothing like it to further motivate its employees, remobilize them and thank them for their involvement and efforts in the accomplishment of their tasks. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to promote the company's image among its teams.

An original company evening away from your premises, how about it?

Organising a company event is a good thing. But, going beyond the usual framework for its development is even better. Indeed, scheduling this professional event outside the company will further encourage exchanges between employees. Moreover, there is nothing more appropriate to relieve their stress, stimulate their enthusiasm and motivation. In addition, to create a surprise and arouse the curiosity of its teams even more, why not choose an atypical space for the organization of this meeting?

Would you like to offer an original and unforgettable corporate event to your employees? Well, it is now possible to rent an atypical place for your company evening. Vinothèque, art gallery, amphitheatre, loft, artist's studio, barge, prestigious hotel, wheeled boat..., there is something for every taste and every requirement. Moreover, nothing prevents you from partially privatizing a monument for your reception. And this, whether in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, London, Brussels, etc.. What better way to mark the occasion and achieve the objectives of this professional evening!

Room rental for company parties: trust Bird Office

Convinced of the need to organise a company event outside your premises? So, don't hesitate to confide in Bird Office. Our platform allows you to easily and quickly rent a company evening room. And this, whatever the city where this professional event takes place: Nantes, Lille, Marseille, Geneva, etc. Yes, we provide you with a wide choice of rooms so that the organisation of your reception is a total success.

Bird Office is also the chance to rent a room adapted to your needs and desires. Indeed, we offer rooms for company parties for both small and large events. Thanks to our intuitive and practical tool, you can perfectly choose the event space that will best meet your requirements. Layout, accessibility, location, capacity, decoration, equipment provided, rental prices..., you will find all the necessary information on the rooms we present on our website. Especially since you have the opportunity to easily check the availability of the site of your dreams for the day of your company reception. What's more, with just a few clicks, you can make the reservation. Guaranteed time saving!

In addition, facilitate the organisation of company parties by opting for a room with catering. Indeed, by renting this type of room, you can say goodbye to the stress and headaches associated with organising your corporate event. Choose the menu that will suit you best and enjoy your professional event to the full.

Looking for an exceptional venue for your corporate event? THE reference is Bird Office!

You want to organise a company party, but not in any room? Do you prefer an atypical event space for an unprecedented reception that will remain engraved in your employees' minds for a long time? Then Bird Office will be your best ally. Renting a café restaurant in Lyon, a basement studio in Paris, a beautiful, typically English and historically rich room in London... has never been so simple.