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They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Très satisfaite du partenaire et de Bird Office.

Hela Z.

BRAVO !!! Tout s'est passé à merveille grâce à la réactivité exemplaire des équipes de Bird Office ! Nous avons été adorablement recus dans un coworking canon et parfaitement équipé :) Vivement un prochain event pour re-travailler avec cette plateforme !

Clémentine B.

Cet espace fut parfait. C'est très certainement que nous le relouerons.

Urban S.

Super, a refaire incessamment sous peu!

Audrey Z.

Bureaux très bien situés, agréables et très fonctionnels avec tous les outils nécessaires pour une bonne séance de travail ou de formation. J'oubliais : accueil très agréable et espace détente confortable

Anais S.

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Your Corporate event rental

Corporate events: a communication strategy not to be overlooked

Corporate events are necessary in the life of a company. They not only boost the dynamism of employees, but also strengthen the brand image of the company. For an extraordinary company event, trust experts such as Bird Office.

Why organize corporate events?

Corporate events do not necessarily have to be a celebration. Beyond this playful aspect, corporate events meet a specific need.

For communication

Convene shareholders to share the annual balance sheet. Launch a new product. There are many reasons for corporate events. Communication is essential for the company that wishes to make itself known, but above all to build trust in its employees. Exhibition hall, conference, road show, open house are examples of professional events to set up to communicate effectively.

To motivate employees

A company does not exist without its employees. It is therefore important to motivate them, to retain them and to encourage their dynamism while strengthening their team spirit. Team building, corporate convention ... there are many ways to reward your employees and strengthen their ties.

To build customer loyalty

If employees are at the heart of the business, customers are the lungs of the business. Without them a society would not be able to stand upright. Corporate events such as incentive travel or private sales are therefore essential tools for customer loyalty.

How to organize your company event serenely?

Preparing for a corporate event at a glance

The success of a company event depends mainly on its preparation and organization. The first thing to do is to set the objectives of the event. Then you have to appoint a person in charge. It will take care of every detail: the professional event place, number of participants, activities, budget ... according to these objectives. Nor should we forget to draw up a communication plan and a set of specifications.

Call a professional for your corporate events

Organizing a corporate event can become a real headache for those who do not know anything about events. The solution ? Use professionals like Bird Office. In just a few clicks, you will find the venue for your convention, meeting, team building ... Which will give you the time to take care of invitations for example, and to enjoy your professional event on D-Day. more than interesting.