Residential Seminar 

They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Je suis très satisfaite; je referai appel à vos services en toute confiance.

Corinne L.

Toujours un très bon accueil. Une équipe agréable toujours prête à aider que j'ai le plaisir à retrouver et un très bon rapport qualité prix.

Natacha T.

Sincèrement,j'ai été très surprise lorsque je suis rentré dans le bureau.IL était très conviviale,agréable avec une grande luminosité,très propre chaleureux.La propriétaire a beaucoup de goût de décoration.Aussi la propriétaire avait tous mis en place café eau des calepin et crayon ceci apporte une grande marque d'attention aux clients.Accueil très chaleureux,une très bonne prestation.

Malika S.

J'adore ce bureau, je l'utilise pour mon activité professionnelle (que je demarre) qui consiste à recevoir des salariés en souffrance au travail. Elle est parfaite.

Aude S.

Très belle salle de réunion adaptée pour une conférence.

Tatiana B.

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Your Residential Seminar rental

Residential Seminar

Organizing a residential seminar is no easy task. Location, facilities, services, various animations ... All these elements require meticulous attention that the event unfolds smoothly. Thus, finding the right place that proposes the right formula for the residential seminar is therefore of paramount importance, as it will depend on the feasibility of all activities. For this Bird Office is the right partner!

Residential seminar, good to know

The residential seminar is on the rise with companies, and because of this it helps to motivate and develop team cohesion. It has the particularity of taking place at least 24 hours with a night in a setting apart. Participants are brought together in a venue that offers both accommodation, catering, meeting room and activities.

Residential seminar packages

Everything starts with a welcome cocktail. This welcome breaks the ice and sets the tone for the event as soon as the participants arrive at the residential seminar.

The basic formulas generally include:

- The breakfast,
- Full meals
- Snacks (hot drinks, fruit juices, cakes)
- And of course, the rental of the convention room

How to choose the venue for a residential seminar?

The framework has considerable weight. It is he who will provoke or not the blow of heart. There are several unusual places, hotels, made to accommodate large or small residential seminars in France and throughout Europe. Often the framework and activities are linked. For example :

In a hotel by the sea with activities related to the marine world: water sports, thalasso spaces, etc.

In a castle: for the "historical heritage" side. In addition to the authenticity of the places, there are usually large spaces for outdoor activities.

In a villa: whether in the countryside, on the coast or in the mountains, beautiful properties have been refurbished to accommodate residential seminars. Each place has an exceptional character that distinguishes it from others: the cachet! This creates a kind of intimacy conducive to the smooth running of the seminar.

If the host does not offer a catering service directly, go for a caterer that will provide all meals for the participants.


To take full advantage of the places, to mark the minds and to aerate oneself, the activities, whether playful, cultural or sports, are necessary.

Organization of residential seminars: points to remember

The logistical aspect must be taken seriously. It is essential to make a tour of the unavoidable during the preparation of the residential seminar:

- The list (and therefore the number) of the participants for the reservation of the rooms (double or single)
- Catering, taking into account possible dietary restrictions
- Route or transportation (to facilitate attendance)
- A large and comfortable meeting room
- The multimedia materials: computer or tablet, video projector, paperboard or whiteboard, sound system ...)
- The activities available in the hotel and included in the formula seminar residential

The price displayed is the room price and includes an estimate when you select catering options. For the real price (equipment and catering), please go directly to the room page.