Residential seminar 

They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Très satisfaite du partenaire et de Bird Office.

Hela Z.

Expérience agréable au calme... je prévois de le refaire aussi régulièrement que possible et je vous recommanderais volontiers.

Christel E.

Bureaux très bien situés, agréables et très fonctionnels avec tous les outils nécessaires pour une bonne séance de travail ou de formation. J'oubliais : accueil très agréable et espace détente confortable

Anais S.

Bureau lumineux et accueil personnalisé et très agréable

A. S.

Parfait ! Le système de vidéoconférence HD fonctionne très bien, nous sommes très satisfaits.

Frederic L.

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Your Team Building rental

Organizing a corporate team building

The organization of a team building still raises questions in many companies. And for good reason, many think that it is a simple recreation that deconcentrates the team and undermines the budget of the company. It's a proven way to motivate your employees and boost their productivity.

Team building : what's the point ?

Everything is in the term. Team building is used to reinforce the cohesion of the team. It is also a professional event that aims to present the collaborators among themselves, especially in international groups where exchanges are mainly by telephone, mail or chat.

How to organize a team building ?

As in any corporate event, chance has no place in the organization of a team building. For those in charge, it is a question of finding a place that will please all the guests, a place of change, but not far from public transport either. To find activities that will be unanimous and create comfortable working conditions. As a result, the establishment of a schedule is mandatory. You will notice all the points to see and to check. Or you opt for ease and you hire event professionals like Bird Office. Our team will be at your disposal for the duration of your team building so that everything is done in the best conditions : reception of your guests, verification of technical equipment, etc.

Choosing the Right Place for a Successful Team Building

If the team building is generally green, several business centers also offer dedicated spaces. Whatever your choice, Bird Office will take care of finding you the ideal place at competitive prices : quirky venue, castle, churches, privatization of a hostel or a private mansion if you have a substantial budget ... In all In some cases, the accessibility of the premises must be at the top of your list of priorities.

Collaborative team building activities

Cooking and music workshops are entertaining and foster team spirit, but if you offer the same activities for 3 consecutive years, you run the risk of your employees getting tired and demotivating. Why not opt for unusual and atypical team building activities ? For example a ride on an automobile circuit or practice extreme sports (Tyrolean, bungee jumping ...). The surprise your guests will play in your favor and strengthen their sense of belonging to the company.