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They booked a room thanks to Bird Office

Un super endroit, très beau, très propre et tout neuf ! Et une super équipe, très gentille et de bons conseils ! On a passé une excellente journée et on vous en remercie de tout coeur ! :)

Michael C.

BRAVO !!! Tout s'est passé à merveille grâce à la réactivité exemplaire des équipes de Bird Office ! Nous avons été adorablement recus dans un coworking canon et parfaitement équipé :) Vivement un prochain event pour re-travailler avec cette plateforme !

Clémentine B.

Super, a refaire incessamment sous peu!

Audrey Z.

excellent bureau, la gestionnaire est trés sympa, et l'equipement et le lieu sont nickels

Nacim L.

La salle est très belle, cosy, lumineuse, et parfaite pour 8 à 10 personnes. Elle comprend tout ce qu'il faut (petite cuisine, pauses café, etc). Le quartier est top. Thierry et Maria sont adorables et ont tout fait pour m'aider dans la réalisation de cette formation. Ils sont allés bien au delà de simplement ouvrir la salle. Je recommande +++.

Emilie T.

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Your Training room rental

Rent a training room in London, Paris, Brussels ... 

We understand the importance of finding the ideal venue for your training session. The room itself must be in-line with the session you wish to run. That means it has to include the right equipment, be the right size, and reflect the vibe of the session!

Thankfully, we at Bird Office are able to offer you a wide range of rooms at the best possible price.

Training sessions are always more effective when the attendees feel comfortable in the environment where the session is taking place. The size of the room, the comfort of the chairs, even the colour of the walls can all influence the outcome of your meeting session.

The choice of training room you select will have a major impact on the message you and your session are trying to convey. If you want to run a cool and fun session, you hardly want to find yourself in some grotty basement! Equally, if you are running a session on health and safety in the workplace, or even first aid training, you will not want to be located in a room with inappropriate images or writing on the wall.

It is all about finding that balance, and at Bird Office we aim to help you do exactly that.  

The layout of a room can also have significant impact on the success of your session. Whether you are after invigorating exchanges between attendees or a quiet and more reserved ambience, we can help you decide on the most appropriate layout for your session.

Classroom layout:

We do not always recommend that a training session be conducted with a classroom layout. This sort of layout can often prevent participants from discussing things together and could actually end up being counterintuitive. On the other hand, if you were looking to encourage your attendees to focus on their individual work then it may well be a suitable choice.  

Theatre layout:

Soft chairs lined up in a row facing the stage...does this sound like your ideal session? If you are looking to project your wisdom to your audience then this may well be the perfect layout for you.

U-shaped layout:

Perhaps you’re looking to promote exchanges. Perhaps you want to be able to allow all your attendees to see each other while still ensuring that you’re still very much the centre of attention. This is actually the most popular layout for training session, and we at Bird Office passionately believe in its success. Its simplicity yet flexibility make it the ideal choice for many of our clients. With a U-shaped layout you can encourage conversation or creative thinking. Having the tables arranged in this formation allows you to make use of tools such as a video-projector or even a computer during your session. It can also encourage attendees who are naturally less inclined to participate to feel at ease in their surroundings.

Round/square table layout:

This layout is more traditionally associated with meeting room rather than training sessions. Nonetheless, we believe that it can be an effective way to run your training or coaching sessions. Similar to the U-shaped layout, a round/square table layout can encourage attendees to participate in the session and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

The price displayed is the room price and includes an estimate when you select catering options. For the real price (equipment and catering), please go directly to the room page.