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Il s'agissait d'une première dans une salle évidemment moins fonctionnelle qu'une salle classique, le projet était de surprendre et cela a été unanimement apprécié.L' accueil fut très chaleureux et notre événement s'est très bien déroulé dans cet environnement singulier.De plus cela a redonné l'envie à beaucoup de monde de retourner au théâtre!

Nordine B.

Cet espace fut parfait. C'est très certainement que nous le relouerons.

Urban S.

Salle parfaite pour un séminaire de deux jours pour 20 personnes. Les différents espaces sont très agréables, les petits-déjeuners et repas proposés sont très bons. L'accueil est parfait ! Merci beaucoup !!

Clémentine P.

Super espace, l'endroit est idéal pour un séminaire d'équipe !

Mathilde L.

Le lieu est vraiment très bien adapté, pour les séminaires, réunions de travail. Tout est bien fait : des espaces différents (réunion, petit salon, cuisine), tout est équipé. Vraiment très bien

Benjamin T.

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Your Studio Workshop rental

The workshop: for a better creativity

A workshop is a collaborative event that aims to bring together a group to discuss a problem or a predefined subject. During this corporate event, each participant is invited to share their opinion or expertise. This meeting, which aims to collect ideas and solve a problem, proves to be a strength for companies.

How to organize a workshop?

The first thing to do before organizing a workshop is to define the participants, its purpose as well as its content. After that you will have to determine the duration of the workshop. It happens that it lasts several days. It is also important to prepare the participants for the smooth running of your workshop. For example, informing them in advance of topics so that they have time to find ideas to share with the team. Finally, you must appoint a facilitator who will stimulate debate and encourage everyone to participate.

Find a quirky space for your workshop

To succeed in your workshop, it is also important to choose a place that is friendly enough to stimulate participants. While some prefer dedicated spaces in the city center, which is normal because they are well served by public transport, others look more for the idea of changing air. Going green is the best alternative. No matter what you choose, Bird Office, the professional event specialist, helps you find the ideal place at a lower cost. In addition, our team ensures that your workshop takes place in the best conditions throughout its duration.

What are the benefits of a workshop?

Organizing a workshop offers several advantages, including ease of learning. Indeed, each participant is confronted with the experience of the other and draws a lesson. Not to mention the expertise of the facilitator and special guests, all of whom will benefit. To this must be added the fact that guests build and reflect together, which has the effect of fostering intra-group cooperation. And even if everyone is not part of the same department, and they have different interests. The last benefit is the brainstorming generated by this original corporate event. Indeed this work done to many promotes creativity and leads often to find new solutions. However, be sure to address only one issue during the corporate event at the risk of disrupting the purpose of the workshop.

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