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Lieu très atypique dans une zone pavillonnaire. Salle de réunion confortable avec mise à dispo de viennoiseries et café. Cadre chaleureux et très beau jardin ou l'on peut sortir s'aérer l'esprit.Le maitre des lieux est très accueillante et d'une grande gentillesse. Nous reviendrons.

Stéphane V.

La salle était top, le personnel très accueillant et très à l'écoute (aucun soucis pour avoir plus de bouteilles d'eau, de paperboard etc).Je recommande !

Aurore M.

Je suis très satisfaite; je referai appel à vos services en toute confiance.

Corinne L.

Expérience agréable au calme... je prévois de le refaire aussi régulièrement que possible et je vous recommanderais volontiers.

Christel E.

Bureau très agréable et tranquille. Accueil sympathique.

Dominique V.

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Renting a workstation (co-working facility)

Rent a workstation with Bird Office and optimize your work. It is only when you book a work station that you quickly realize that working in a coffee shop, a Starbucks or a bar is not always the most suitable. A workstation located in a co-working facility or in a company allows nomad workers to work quietly in a place specifically designed for work and productivity. The adapted ergonomics, the comfort and the cleanliness of the workstation, not forgetting the presence of plants or the fact of being close to nature, can play an important role in ensuring job satisfaction. Renting a workstation by the hour or by the day allows you to have an office on a completely flexible basis whenever needed. Choose a workstation according to your needs.

This idea behind co-working was to allow self-employed persons who would otherwise be isolated at home to have the opportunity to belong to an entity, thereby ensuring a degree of conviviality in the same way a company can do with its employees. The rental of a workstation in a co-working facility is a way to avoid isolation and is an interesting choice for entrepreneurs or free-lance workers who usually work at home. It is ideal for anybody who enjoys working in a relatively lively atmosphere. Co-working spaces are generally inexpensive and help you to avoid the high costs often associated with the rental of an independent office over the long term. In addition, these work spaces are often very well equipped with fast Internet connections, office furniture and suitable equipment, and are easily accessible. Co-working is part of collaborative economics. The idea of co-working came about after several unsuccessful attempts in San Francisco in 2005, and spread very quickly after that. Thanks to Its economic benefits and flexibility, co-working is rapidly catching on and is now in full swing. With the emergence of new technologies and the increase in the number of self-employed workers (developers, designers, bloggers, and consultants), we are now witnessing a growth in the co-working business in Europe: 97% increase between August 2011 and August 2012. Today, co-working is a new way of working associating work with a shared place. Co-working promotes professional exchange and sharing in a pleasant atmosphere. Bird Office is committed to helping you to find the right workstation at the best price, a dedicated space that will meet your needs and will let you exchange and share your ideas with other professionals.

The price displayed is the room price and includes an estimate when you select catering options. For the real price (equipment and catering), please go directly to the room page.

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