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They booked a room in Beaulieu Island thanks to Bird Office

L'organisation, tout était prêt et fonctionnel. Merci pour le café et thé également ! Nous reviendrons !

Christopher G.

cette salle est en tous points parfaite. le travail de Bird Office a été très efficace. je pense que recommencerai l'expérience.

Thierry P.

Très satisfaite du partenaire et de Bird Office.

Hela Z.

BRAVO !!! Tout s'est passé à merveille grâce à la réactivité exemplaire des équipes de Bird Office ! Nous avons été adorablement recus dans un coworking canon et parfaitement équipé :) Vivement un prochain event pour re-travailler avec cette plateforme !

Clémentine B.

Bureaux très bien situés, agréables et très fonctionnels avec tous les outils nécessaires pour une bonne séance de travail ou de formation. J'oubliais : accueil très agréable et espace détente confortable

Anais S.

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Your room rental in Beaulieu Island

Would you like to organise your corporate event in Nantes, precisely on Beaulieu Island? As you know, organising a seminar, training, colloquium... is not an easy task. The difficulty lies above all in finding the place that will meet your expectations. Thus, to help you perfect your meeting or seminar on the island of Nantes, Bird Office offers you a wide range of rooms that will suit your event.

Beaulieu Island district, a setting that promises a host of activities

One of the biggest artistic projects on the island of Nantes is "Les Machines de l'île". This project is inspired by Jules Verne's "invented worlds" and Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical universe. But, he also advocates the industrial history of Nantes. That's where the great elephant was born. For a team building, a walk on this mastodon will be an effective activity to break the routine. And this, while stimulating the motivation of your employees.

In the evening, after a busy day at work, don't hesitate to schedule a walk along the Quai des Antilles. Then have a drink with your teams on the banks of the Loire. In addition, to share a moment of relaxation in a friendly atmosphere, don't miss the Banana Hangar. There are many restaurants, discos, bars, brasseries, café-concerts, etc.

Find and rent a room for a corporate event on the island of Nantes

On the other hand, if your research in meeting rooms is organised around the theme of music, Beaulieu Island is a choice destination. Indeed, you can orchestrate your activities at "La Fabrique", an ultra-modern structure dedicated mainly to contemporary music. This architectural complex, composed of two buildings and a garden, has 16 rehearsal studios.

In any case, if you decide to organise a corporate event on Beaulieu Island, you should know that it is a lively neighbourhood that will satisfy your desires for a change of scenery and efficiency.

The island of Nantes, a district that aims to be modern

With a length of 5 km and a width of 1 km, the island of Nantes is a district in perpetual quest for development. In fact, for a long time, this river island, located on the Loire river, was the pasture of animals, the land of foundries, soap factories and shipyards. But currently with the ongoing work on the island, new infrastructure will appear by 2030. Indeed, many housing units, services and businesses are under construction. And this, in order to make the island of Nantes an economic, cultural and modern centre. This is enough to make business tourism proliferate!

According to Johanna Rolland, Mayor of Nantes and President of Nantes Metropole: "The Island of Nantes is an urban laboratory that prefigures the city of tomorrow, at once sober, sustainable, attractive and innovative... a place to live for the people of Nantes, rich in the diversity of its districts. "Since then, major innovative and disproportionately modern projects have been set up to make the island of Nantes a pleasant place to live and visit. An example is the implementation of a connected street in the northern part of the district. A project that began in 2017 and will be completed in 2020. Or the "creative third place" project in the western and north-western part of the island. It is a question of setting up new generation workspaces. This project also started in 2017 and will end in 2020. What better way to organise your seminar, work meeting, professional training, team building, etc.!

If you want to organse a trendy corporate event, the island of Nantes is the ideal destination.

Are you looking for a venue for your corporate event on the island of Nantes? Make your job easier with Bird Office.

It doesn't matter which room you want for your corporate event: 

  • A meeting room in a hotel
  • A training room in an atypical place
  • An off-site location for a seminar in the green 
  • A conference room in an auditorium 
  • ...

The island of Nantes is the perfect place to organise it. Indeed, with its passion for culture and art, but also for modernity, this district has a very bright future ahead of it.

To easily find a seminar room or training room on Beaulieu Island, do your research on Bird Office. As an expert in corporate events, Bird Office provides you with a wide range of conference, seminar, conference and training rooms. All you have to do is to indicate:

  • The type of room adapted to your professional meeting
  • The number of participants
  • The date of your company event

You can also refine your searches by specifying:

  • The layout of the room (in theatre, in U...)
  • The equipment you need for your event
  • The surface area of the room
  • Etc.

But, you can also know the real-time availability of the room on our platform. This is a plus that allows you to book the room of your dreams even at the last minute.