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They booked a room in Train-Station thanks to Bird Office

Super accueil et tout était près pour notre réunion. Ce n'est pas la première fois que nous louons cette salle et service parfait à chaque fois.

Philippe N.

Un grand merci à de Bird Office, mais aussi à l'équipe de ce lieu très agréable. Personnel souriant, disponible, aimable et à l'écoute... Un vrai plaisir de travailler dans ces conditions !

Claire B.

Très bon accueil, Bird Office à été très réactif quand j'ai eu besoin d'eux

Amin L.

Très bon rapport qualité prix, le coworking est très bien c'était une première pour moi !

Véronique R.

Sincèrement,j'ai été très surprise lorsque je suis rentré dans le bureau.IL était très conviviale,agréable avec une grande luminosité,très propre chaleureux.La propriétaire a beaucoup de goût de décoration.Aussi la propriétaire avait tous mis en place café eau des calepin et crayon ceci apporte une grande marque d'attention aux clients.Accueil très chaleureux,une très bonne prestation.

Malika S.

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Your room rental in Train-Station

Rent the ideal event space in Nantes Train-station

Are you planning to organize a company event in Nantes, more precisely in Nantes train-station? Easily find your room by getting help from Bird Office. Thanks to our platform for booking conference rooms, seminars, meetings..., make it easier for you to organise your professional meeting.

The Nantes train-station district, the future nerve centre of the city

Already used by 12 million passengers annually, Nantes station is still undergoing major changes. These changes are simply necessary, because each year this figure increases by 3 to 5% according to SNCF. On the other hand, Nantes station expects some 25 million passengers to arrive in 2030. Thus, the Nantes City Hall, headed by Mrs Johanna Rolland, has carried out major work to reshape the architecture of Nantes station. This high accessibility will make the Nantes station district an ideal place to organize your corporate event. It is also more practical to make it as easy as possible for your employees to travel during this professional meeting.

The place to perfect your corporate event? The Nantes train station district

It goes without saying that the Euronantes train-station urban project will further increase the number of passengers using the station. This project aims to establish an important business centre in the station district. Soon, this district will appear on its territory:

  • Unparalleled quality of free and social housing
  • Several shops of all kinds
  • Restaurants and restaurants
  • Parking lots
  • Various public spaces
  • A variety of services
  • Etc.

From then on, Nantes train-station saw a bright future ahead of it, particularly in terms of business tourism. During your team building, your seminar or any other professional event in this area, take full advantage of a wide variety of activities to relax. But also all the urban amenities that will optimize your stay in this lively district of the city of Nantes.

The futuristic architecture of the future Nantes station, another attraction for business tourism

At the moment, Nantes residents can get a glimpse of what Nantes station will be like. Yes, only a glimpse, because the work will not be completed until 2020. The architecture of the future station will have futuristic aspects and the least we can say is that the town hall has not skimped on expenses. Indeed, this work consists of laying a colossal mezzanine 25 m wide and 160 m long on 18 concrete pillars above the current building.

At the end of the project, a large glass esplanade will be used by travellers and walkers wishing to visit restaurants and shops. Escalators will be used to serve all platforms at the station. Very suitable for walk and talk, Nantes station will be perfect for your business meetings. Your teams will also be able to meet in cafés and restaurants after a long day delegate rate. Practical, isn't it?

Easily find the room for your professional meeting with Bird Office

To organize a seminar in Nantes, a professional training, a team building session..., many and long formalities await you. In fact, to plan a corporate event, you have to think of everything and leave nothing to chance. You will have to take into account several points, namely:

  • The objectives of the professional meeting
  • Its nature
  • The organization budget
  • The optimal duration of the event
  • Food and accommodation (if your stay lasts more than two days)
  • Activities (if you are organizing a motivational seminar or team building)
  • The security aspect
  • Your training room, seminar, colloquium or conference room (auditorium, theatre, atypical space...)

However, the difficulty lies particularly in finding the right room. That's where Bird Office comes in. If you are looking for a training, meeting room in Nantes train-station, Bird Office, as a specialist in corporate events, will assist you. In just a few clicks, discover all the rooms that are located in this district. You simply have to indicate in the intuitive tool available on the platform:

  • The type of room you need
  • The duration of your professional event
  • And of course the number of participants

You can also further refine your search according to your needs and expectations. Indeed, you have every opportunity to read about:

  • The services that the establishment offers (accommodation, catering)
  • The equipment you want to have at your disposal (wifi, paperboard, videoconferencing...)
  • The specific characteristics of the room (disabled access, air conditioning...)
  • The layout of the room (U-shaped, classroom, rectangle...)

In addition, with Bird Office you can see the availability of rooms in real time. What better way to avoid unpleasant surprises!