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They booked a room in Compans Caffarelli thanks to Bird Office

cette salle est en tous points parfaite. le travail de Bird Office a été très efficace. je pense que recommencerai l'expérience.

Thierry P.

Très satisfaite du partenaire et de Bird Office.

Hela Z.

Toujours un plaisir de réserver avec Bird Office. Réactivité professionnalisme et tarif compétitif!

Philippe G.

Cet espace fut parfait. C'est très certainement que nous le relouerons.

Urban S.

100%satisfaite. Un personnel digne d'un grand professionnalisme dans l'accueil, la logistique et la disponibilité envers nos besoins !

Sabine B.

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A draft meeting or conference in Compans-Caffarelli? Recruitment or training sessions in sight? Bird Office is the platform that offers atypical and functional rooms for your professional meetings in Toulouse.

A business district in the heart of Toulouse

Although recently built, this young district in the center of Toulouse has become a business district over the years, encompassing nearly 20,000 m² of offices, hotels, colleges such as the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Sciences. Also, as an administrative city and headquarters of many major French companies such as EDF or Orange, Compans-Caffarelli is constantly evolving and projects to extend the neighborhood are underway.

Opened and integrated into the urban transport network, it is served by metro line B at Compans-Caffarelli station.

Rent a meeting room in Compans-Caffarelli with Bird Office

If you reserve a computer room or an office returning to spend hours or even days of research before, this is no longer the case. Since the creation of the Bird Office room rental platform, finding the ideal room and adapting it to your needs is done in a few minutes. Without having to move or pick up your phone, everything is done from your desk or from home. All you need is an internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, PC) to provide a modular meeting space with customized equipment.

With our catalog and photos of different conference rooms, training rooms or upscale offices, you have a clear idea of the meeting spaces available during your niche.

To filter your search results and go directly to what fits your requirements, you will only have to indicate the capacity (1, 20, 60, 200 people ...), the configuration that suits you: U, L , Amphitheater ... Then, before validating the reservation, add equipment that interest you (video projector, paperboard, whiteboard, WiFi connection ...). You will also be able to enjoy a meal tray delivery service or breakfasts for convenience during your room rental in Compans-Caffarelli.

Change your decor in the Compans-Caffarelli garden

Japanese garden, tea pavilion, the land of the rising sun invites you in this garden of 7 ha to offer you an escape and a charming change of scenery. If you want to continue with this, many Japanese restaurants have opened their doors nearby and offer sushi and maki. Meeting point for students, workers and business travelers, this beautiful garden is a haven of peace that encourages calm and relaxation.