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Nous avons été 100% satisfaite du lieu et des équipements, un accueil parfaite et le personnel est très gentil.

Sue T.

Très satisfaite du partenaire et de Bird Office.

Hela Z.

Cet espace fut parfait. C'est très certainement que nous le relouerons.

Urban S.

Super, a refaire incessamment sous peu!

Audrey Z.

100%satisfaite. Un personnel digne d'un grand professionnalisme dans l'accueil, la logistique et la disponibilité envers nos besoins !

Sabine B.

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With Bird Office, find a meeting room, conference room, or seminar room in Luxembourg and take advantage of everything this city has to offer. Luxembourg, or the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, is a small landlocked country in Northern Europe. Luxembourg shares its borders with 3 other countries: France, Germany and Belgium. The city of Luxembourg is the country’s largest city and capital; it is a city with a high level of economic activity, which explains the large number of meeting rooms,conference rooms as well as seminar rooms available to rent. Luxembourg is strategically important and economically strong. It is one of the 6 founding countries of the European Union and is home to many institutions including the EU Court of justice, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Court of Auditors, and the European Investment Bank. Luxembourg, in addition to being member of the European Union, also plays an important role in institutions such as the UN, the OECD and NATO, which reflects its political propensity towards political, economic and military integration. Its geographical position has shaped Luxembourg’s culture. It is a fusion between Germanic culture and French culture, and as a result, Luxembourg is a trilingual country. The official languages are Luxemburgish, German and French. The national language is nonetheless Luxemburgish.

In 2012, Luxembourg was given a temporary seat on the UN Council for the first time in its history. Many conferences, meetings and seminars are held in the heart of Luxembourg. Its central geographical position and its institutional nature add to the country’s appeal. Luxembourg is also recognized for its number of banks. The country’s economy continues to grow, despite its small size (2,500 km²). It is regarded as the second richest country in the world after Qatar. Luxembourg is a constantly growing location for finance, which is why 144 banks came to the country in 2011, representing 26,000 jobs. In terms of investment funds, Luxembourg is now the leading country in the world. Luxembourg is a perfect country to meet with your partners and co-workers in an institutional and truly business-friendly environment. Don’t hesitate to rent a meeting room or a seminar room via Bird Office. Luxembourg has a free, very extensive, and almost 100% lit motorway network. There is significant rail traffic from the metal industry, and it is very fast to get to Paris. If you are looking for a multicultural city with a reputation for financial success, Bird Office is committed to finding you a meeting room, conference room or seminar room to suit your needs.

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