Bird Office has a choice of meeting rooms, training rooms, seminar rooms and conference rooms in the Lyon area.

Lyon is a pleasant, human-sized city and is the ideal place for renting your meeting or training rooms. Lyon, France’s second most important city for business tourism, with 5.5 million visitors in 2011, is a strategic place for the French business world. Today, the greater Lyon project is endeavouring to make Lyon, France’s third largest city, a metropolis of European significance, thanks to its many new conference and seminar spaces available for businesses to rent.

Lyon’s two TGV railway stations and its airport, located at the crossroads for traffic coming from Northern and Southern Europe, connect different dynamic areas, making the city a regular transit point for many business commuters heading for Switzerland or Italy. The central city square makes for a very interesting place to rent a meeting room or a conference room for business events with you staff.

A recent study carried out by Lyon Tourisme & Congrès showed that many business visitors come back to the region, not for business events (conferences, seminars, training sessions, meetings) but simply to be able to enjoy the pleasant and dynamic setting to be found in the Rhône-Alpes region, testament to the quality offered by the city and its surroundings. This is just one of the reasons why you can be sure you and your staff won’t be disappointed if you to rent a meeting room or a conference room in Lyon.

Lyon is also home to leading schools and universities that attract students and researchers from all around the world. There are numerous amphitheatres, training rooms and meeting rooms available.

Lyon offers a very broad range of activities, both economic and cultural, with a particular focus on technologies, notably health and biotechnology, which provide a boost to the energy of greater Lyon. To such an extent in fact that Lyon now attracts international investors; big names in the global economy have chosen to set up offices there.

For all these reasons, renting a meeting room, an office or a training room will be easy for any business or professional visiting Lyon and its region.

The city, located at the intersection of the Rhône and the Saône, is a large river port whose infrastructure was instrumental to the development of the city’s economy and industry. Any company that decides to come to Lyon will be able to benefit from the top-of-the-range and modern office space at a much lower cost than in Paris (200 EUR HT/m² compared to 730 EUR in Paris according to Ernst & Young). You can find workspaces for short-term rental at interesting rates, especially when booking a meeting room, a conference room or training room.

Bird Office is committed to helping you choose the right meeting, conference or seminar room in the Lyon area that best matches your needs.

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