Bird Office offers a wide range of meeting rooms, conference rooms and seminar rooms to rent in all of Paris' districts and the nearby area. Paris, and more generally speaking, the île-de-France, is one of the most attractive metropolitan areas in Europe. In a study carried out by Fortune magazine, 27 of the 500 largest companies in the world are based in the region; this also gives other companies access to a large number of meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms. The city of Paris is gaining increasing acclaim among companies for its standard of living and the quality of its public transport. The rental of meeting and conference rooms is now even easier thanks to Bird Office’s comprehensive and varied offering, ranging from individual workstations to large seminar rooms that cater for hundreds of people, not to forget IT rooms and recruitment offices.

Paris, also known as the "city of lights", is the most visited city in the world, with 29 million visitors each year, including 18 million from abroad. This honour owes much not only to its cultural wealth and its architectural diversity but also to its status as business capital (80% of Parisians are employed in the tertiary sector). Paris plays a major economic and political role at the European level, which explains why many large corporate groups have chosen to set up their headquarters in the city. Throughout the year, the capital hosts countless shows, seminars and conferences in large event spaces such as the exhibition hall at the Porte de Versailles or the Palais Brogniart.

The different districts of Paris all have their own unique charm. Paris is full of atypical districts, each with their own unique universe. These can range from artist workshops located in lofts at Montparnasse or conference rooms in skyscrapers at the Défense, not forgetting individual offices in Haussmann-style buildings. Renting a meeting room is an opportunity to let your clients and staff discover some of Paris' neighbourhoods that are just waiting to reveal their hidden treasures.

Paris is also a very important transport node. Its geographical location and passenger flow at its stations and airports makes it Europe’s second largest crossing point in terms of numbers of business travellers. It is also a stopping point for many business commuters. The International Association of Congresses and Conventions (ICCA) named Paris the second best city for business tourism in Europe, just after Vienna. In addition, the city’s 16 operational subway lines means you can move easily from one meeting to the next. Paris is therefore the ideal place to organize your future meetings, training sessions and other business events, where you will always find a room to suit your needs.

There is now a new trend where national historic buildings are increasingly often opening up their rooms for use by companies. There are nearly one hundred spaces that can be used for business events. In the heart of the City of Paris, there are exceptional places that can today be used by the private sector, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the large lounge area of the Eiffel Tower, the Opera Garnier, the Louvre Museum, the Quai Branly Museum, the Pantheon, the Great Hall of the Conciergerie, the Museum of Fairground Arts, and the Grand Palais, etc.

There are so many prestigious places with a wealth of history where you can hold your next business meetings.

Bird Office strives to offer you the most comprehensive range of meeting rooms, conference rooms, including all the equipment you'll need to optimize your next business exchanges.



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