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They booked a room in London Bridge thanks to Bird Office

Tout était très bien. Merci Bird Office !

Annick G.

Très bon accueil, Bird Office à été très réactif quand j'ai eu besoin d'eux

Amin L.

Très bon service et très bonne réactivité. Je renouvèlerai avec plaisir.

Xavier C.

Expérience agréable au calme... je prévois de le refaire aussi régulièrement que possible et je vous recommanderais volontiers.

Christel E.

Super espace, l'endroit est idéal pour un séminaire d'équipe !

Mathilde L.

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Bird Office can helps you arrange a room for professional needs. With a wide range of our rooms all throughout London, you can guarantee a working space near the fabulous London Bridge. 

You can choose from our wide variety of rooms that can be used for meetings, trainings and conferences. Rooms offered are inclusive of special features and facilities included upon rental. Conveniently located near main roads and stations for your comfort and worry free stay. At interesting rates, you can rent our workspaces designed for the success of your event.

If you are planning to do an interview, we have a business meeting room suitable for two people. This room is well located in the midtown area of London and accessible to wide range of transport links including the Chancery Lane Station and Waterloo Railway Station. Notepads, pens and internet access are provided for your convenience. 
If you need a space for your forum, our Brunswick room which can accommodate 5 to 12 persons is just the right one. You can rent this room by the hour and take advantage of computer and audio-video facilities installed inside the room.
If you have other requirements, we have numerous rooms available to suit your needs. Visit our online portal to discover more rooms ideal for your plans. You can also reserve online to save your time and effort. Booking a room with Bird Office is rewarding not only for your business but also for your personal leisure. We have available rooms close to the London Bridge.

Thrill seekers will definitely love the terrifying London Bridge experience. This is a unique and interactive journey through the deep and dark history of London. Another interesting place to visit is the Old Operating Theater, Museum and Herb Garret, where 19th century surgeons performed operation without anesthetic.

Of all the bridges over the River Thames, London Bridge has the longest history. It was the only bridge over London's river until Putney Bridge opened in 1729. You can celebrate the success of your event right away at the bustling area around the Bridge. You can try delicious sampling food and drink at the Borough Market. For even better experience, try dining at Blueprint Café and Londinium which is just around the corners of London Bridge.

The price displayed is the room price and includes an estimate when you select catering options. For the real price (equipment and catering), please go directly to the room page.