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Très belle salle, services excellents, très agréables cuisine et pièce de vie. Nous avons pu avoir notre séminaire de rentrée dans de très bonne conditions! Je recommande.

Florine A.

Très satisfaite du partenaire et de Bird Office.

Hela Z.

Expérience agréable au calme... je prévois de le refaire aussi régulièrement que possible et je vous recommanderais volontiers.

Christel E.

Accueil très professionnel. Bureau très lumineux et agréable et qui donne sur des arbres.

A. S.

Patron très aimable, serviable, disponible. La salle était parfaitement aménagée. Nous avions tous les outils à notre disposition. En outre, la salle est bien aménagée et l'espace extérieur est agréable.

Lamia B.

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Your room rental in Manchester Victoria

Training room booking to Manchester Victoria

You want to organize a business event in Manchester Victoria? Bird Office is here to help you find a meeting room or a conference room.

If your destination is Manchester City, you should try commuting with Manchester Victoria Station. It is Manchester’s second largest mainline railway station and one of nine Metrolink tram stops within the city zone. Lying north on Hunts Bank and close to Manchester Cathedral, it is now the busiest station managed by Northern Rail. After the renovation of the station in April 2013, a fitting gateway to the city has been created to meet the growing passenger demands. The redevelopment invested to boost rail capacity across north of England with faster, more frequent services connecting key cities and towns.
The accessibility and functionality of the station has been improved while keeping and restoring its architectural and heritage features. Extensive restoration on the station includes work on war memorials of employees who lost their lives in World War I, adding new commemorative feature on the Soldiers Gate where WWI soldiers once crossed and opening areas which were previously unseen by the public.
Unleash the highest potential of your business events near the Manchester Victoria by simply collaborating with Bird Office. Look forward to work on rooms that are accessible, functional, and affordable. We have an extensive range of workspaces that you can rent at affordable rates by the hour or by the day. With rooms close to main roads and stations, your travel around the area of Manchester Victoria will be comfortable. Our workspaces come with state of the art facilities for a rewarding stay.
As a professional, there is nothing better than an event carried out according to your plan but with our assistance, we can exceed your expectations. Rent our medium sized business room located at the center of Manchester for an extraordinary venture. You can share this room with 12 people and earn better results for your agenda. This bright and cozy meeting room is ideal for presentations, forums and trainings. On top of all that, you will be in a vicinity of retail and leisure facilities.
If you do not have extra time to personally check our rooms, you can still look for venues that fit your style with our photo gallery posted at our online portal. You can also book rooms with us in just simple steps. We want you enjoy working closer to Manchester Victoria and nearby lovely places that is why our staff is ready to assist you anytime.