How do I create my room rental ad?

If the room is in a new establishment, you must first create it:
You can directly access to it via the link "share your space" or by the tab "my venues" of your client area.
You will then be asked to respond to several informations about this establishment, such as its name, address and access code.
Then you will be asked to indicate the contact available on-site, the opening hours of the establishment, photos, but also if you propose a catering service or if you accept the delivery of such services by our external partners.
After that you will be able to create a room!

If the room you want to create is located in a previously created establishment:
Go to the tab "My venues", click on "Edit" then on "Add a room" and fill in the information requested.

  • Enter the name of the room (the internal name you give to your room), a description of this one and the title you want to put on your ad (for example, "Book a meeting room for 30 people in Paris"). Our validation team may need to modify this title to match to our standards in terms of natural referencing.
  • In a second step, you have to indicate the hourly/ half day/ whole day rate. You will also be able to indicate if you want to make reservations made into your rooms for at least 2 hours / 4 hours or 8 hours. If your minimum booking is 4 hours or 8 hours, the hourly rate will be used to charge overtime.
  • In a third step, what layout can your room have? U-shaped, theater, classroom? Set the maximum number of people your room can receive according to each layout. Moreover, what is the room dimension? And for which event this one can be used (meeting room, training room, showroom ...)?
  • Pictures of your room will then be required: a minimum of three photos is asked. Remember to pay attention to them! Beautiful photos of your room and its environment will make your ad attractive. If it can help you, we give you some advices to have a nice photo gallery .
  • Finally, which equipments do you propose to your clients ? Simply check the equipments that will be present in the room.


Our team will verify the content of your ad before validating it. To submit an ad for validation, at least 75% of the requested information must be completed. Know that the more complete and accurate your ad is , the more your room will have chance to be booked.