Why do they trust us?

Confirmed identification

Bird Office is based on trust. That’s why at the time of registration we ask you the name of your company, the name and first name of a contact ; and that we certify the e-mail by sending a validation link.

Members opinions of the Bird Office community

Trust and transparency are essential values for Bird Office. They are demonstrated through the opinions and comments left by the members. You can consult these opinions on each page of your rooms on the website.

You keep under control the bookings made into your rooms

When a room is desired by a client, you have the possibility to accept or decline the reservation request.

An insurance

The AXA insurance we have covers material and furniture damages such as the breakage of equipment (video projectors, screens) or of your tables or chairs.

However, the insurance does not cover property damage caused by fire or water, for example, or personal injury.


We ask your phone number and e-mail address to certify your identity but these elements are strictly confidential and are not available on the website.

The only contact details that we will give to the client once his booking has been accepted are those indicated in the "contacts&schedule" tab of your establishment.

Online Support

Our team is available every day of the week from 9am to 6pm to help you with your procedures or to answer at any questions you may have.